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Brew In Your Bubble - Moon Roast PERU San Ignacio

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Yes! Yes! Yes! It's finally time for me to brew and review some Moon Roast Coffee, starting with this Peru, and hopefully give you some inspiration, to Brew In Your Bubble too! You can see my enthusiasm here as even though both my companies, Pallets & The Beaulieu Bakehouse, both use Moon Roast's Moon Shot Blend as their house coffee, I barely get any time to brew up a cup of these delicious Moon Roast single origin coffees that are sat on my retail shelf... I Know! "Own a coffee shop" they said... "Drink loads of coffee" they said... Nope! There's just no time. Well I guess I could could cut out sleep... that seems to be a waste of time haha!

Moon Roast Peru San Ingacio being brewed
Moon Roast Peru San Ingacio Brew

So this is why I created the Brew In Your Bubble Coffee Blog, to make me schedule time to drink some delicious coffee whilst also challenging myself to keep up with something creative like a coffee blog! It's actually very therapeutic I must say. Not only does it give me the escape I need from being in manic boss mode all the time, it's also helping me retrace my steps into an industry that opened doors for me to get where I am now. It gave me opportunities in a time where, I'm more than happy to admit, I was struggling with where I was and what the future held for me. This was about 10 years ago and I truly never imagined I would end up being a Dad to the most kind and conscientious kid I've ever met, but also the owner of two thriving coffee shops.

So why am I having to retrace? Well to put it simply, the past few years have been seriously tough and filled with some big low points which at times have left me feeling broken and wanting to give up. But alas! I am a stubborn git and have spent a large portion of my life picking myself up off the ground and putting the pieces of my positivity back together. I do this by getting up, pushing myself & achieving what I want to achieve. It's just what you have to do. Why? Because in those low moments, your brain is feeding you insecure thoughts that are sometimes fed by other peoples actions, but most of the time validated by our own. So my actions conquer my insecurities because I am proving to myself what I can do and what I am worth. Actions really do speak louder than words! I've made it sound so easy haven't I? Honestly it's not but nothing good comes easy.

Dom Enjoying Moon Roasts Peru Coffee
Dom Enjoying Moon Roasts Peru Coffee

So why Moon Roast? It's simple really. I've never met a more productive, positive group of people in one business before. They put their all into every day for the company & the company gives, from what I see, so much back to its workers in the form of developing skill sets, making many new connections through the industry and having the freedom to try new and wonderful ideas regardless of how wacky they may seem. The results of this positive work environment? beautiful tasting Coffee, and in my opinion, some of the best around!

Based in the middle of nowhere, Moon Roast is a hidden gem that has developed into something grand and special. Not many people could have pulled off starting a coffee roasters in a converted barn in the middle of nowhere, but it is now a destination for many people making the pilgrimage towards delicious speciality coffee. How has this been possible? Well it's run by Bat Man & Robin... no seriously! but they're are call Fran & Dan.

Dan & Fran enjoying coffee
Dan & Fran In A Superhero Interview

So Fran is the owner, with a broad family history of coffee importing & roasting, which he used to develop his skills to become one of the top roasters in the South Coast. His connection to local industry and business owners is inspirational and a powerful skill to harness. Fran is also the most chilled business owner I've ever met I think... Always striding to improve, listen & learn. It's not an easy job but from this side he's smashing it out the park! He's Bat Man.

His side kick, Mr Dan Beaver (Please don't hate me for calling you the side kick), has a very integral role to play when it comes to the success of this company. Why? His passion and dedication to his place of work and the industry it falls into. Off his own back, Dan has risen his own profile in a very competitive coffee industry whilst proudly waving the Moon Roast banner. Because (and I'm only guessing) his heart & soul is being put into every coffee he roasts. Every bag that's filled. Every profile created. Every connection made. Every new customer won by genuineness. But every side kick becomes the Bat eventually...

The team is compiled of many more faces now and each one of them makes this company amazing (especially Amy, although she's left now... maybe because she lost our last latte art throw down... then promised to come for a rematch before she left... didn't... got scared & moved away...)

No seriously Amy, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

Team Moon Roast At Amy's Leaving Celebration
Team Moon Roast At Amy's Leaving Celebration

Ok I'm sure I've praised them enough now but it's hard not to! So what are we drinking?

Moon Roast PERU - San Ignacio Info Card Front
Moon Roast PERU - San Ignacio Info Card Front

Moon Roast PERU - San Ignacio Info Card Back
Moon Roast PERU - San Ignacio Info Card Back

Brew Method - V60

- Coffee - 18g

- Water - 250g

- Bloom - 40g water 40 secs

- Brew time - 2 mins 40 secs

Taste Notes

- Forest Fruits

- Maple Syrup

- Spiced Apples

I'm Excited! What's going on with this little number then?

My initial note on this is it's actually got a roasty flavour to begin, but the coffee is still hot. I can taste the sweetness so I'm hoping this is going to really pop when it cools down.

3 Minutes Later...

OH DAMN! There we go! No doubt in my mind this coffee has it all going for it once its cooled down. It's so sweet and you can really taste the Apple. The initial roast flavour has developed to help lift the other flavours and gives a beautiful depth in flavour. Honestly it has shocked me how different this coffee is once it's cooled!

As always I love an info card with the taste notes as this really helps me develop my palate. The sweet, fruity flavours I can really identify. the spiced part of the Apple is something I'm struggling with but I do look at things rather literally some times. Flavours are so complex as there is such depth to each one but this is fun! I've missed doing this I must say.

Moon Roast seems to have this unique ability to create a roast profile that really shines true to the coffee. But who am I to judge? Go and try some for yourself and let me know! You can find this beautiful Peru on our shelves in Pallets along with many other Moon Roast Single Origins for you to choose from. Also please show your support for these guys. Like them, love them, praise them on social media! Now it's your turn to check them out for yourself! Click the link and see what else Moon Roast are up to.

Brew In Your Bubble hand written scribbles
Brew In Your Bubble Hand Written Scribbles

So there we go. Another coffee brewed & another roaster reviewed. I am biased but for very good reason. Thank you Moon Roast for this delicious coffee and thank you to you for taking the time to read my rambles again! Please, in the light of talking about mental health, know you're not alone. Reaching out and talking is the first step. Breaking your wall and putting positivity into action is the next step and if you ever need a pick me up, just listen to "Break My Stride" by Matthew Wilder!


Dom, Out! (Blasting off to space on a rocket of positivity. You jumping on board?)

Our Trip To Moon Roast Coffee Roaster

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